Giant sinkholes swallowing land and unidentified sea monsters

Tracts of land and trees have been swallowed by a gigantic and spreading sinkhole in the US and an unidentifiable horned sea monster has washed up on the beach in Spain. And these two things happened in just the past week.

The frequency of strange marine incidents is increasing and it’s becoming more obvious to everyone that the balance between land and sea needs to be restored. My fear is Plymouth will be swallowed by the sea if we can’t find the pearl.

Check out the crazy and scary footage captured of the sinkhole in Louisana swallowing trees and land in under a minute.

And these are the images coming through from Spain of the horned sea devil/monster/dragon. No one can seem to agree on what to call it and a spokesperson from the Marine Biological Association said: “No one knows of anything with horns in the sea.”

It’s being covered globally, check out this article from Gawker and this from the Independent for more info.

sea monster

Surfer dark mark

surfer dark mark

Dark mark on wrist of surfer Angus

Draghkar asked me to get hold of a close up of the dark mark that appeared on Angus’ wrist after he was attacked surfing. He’s just text me this and says it’s become inflamed since it happened and the skin around has taken on a weird texture, he says it feels scaly.

Surfer attacked in the water

Stuff out there is starting to get more scary. Check out this footage taken by a surfer after something attacked him in the water on Sunday.

Angus is a friend of a friend from Plymouth who got in touch to ask if I’ve heard about anything similar. I’ve read reports of it happening to fishermen and kayakers before but never been able to speak direct to anyone who’s had an experience, they seem to disappear or be impossible to trace…

Real world signs of the ascent of Mergor, the Kraken of the sea..

In previous blogs I’ve told you about the history of the pearl as an energy source from Atlantis that held the balance between land and sea. Research I conducted at the Hall of Records revealed that part of the power of the pearl was its ability to control the dark forces of Mergor, the giant and many-tentacled beast of the ocean..


Artist’s impression of Mergor taken from document in the Hall of Records

Generations of seafarers have spoken of this terrifying beast of the deep, capable of swallowing ships and sinking tracts of land. Drake spoke of close encounters with the monster and Alfred Tennyson wrote a sonnet about a kraken creature as early as 1830:

Below the thunders of the upper deep;
Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides; above him swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous grot and secret cell
Unnumber’d and enormous polypi
Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green.
There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge seaworms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by man and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.

Nancy Astor had no idea that separating the pearl from the armillary sphere during the Second World War would deactivate its powers, but the consequence was to unsettle the balance between land and sea and unleash the dark forces of the ocean. Signs of Mergor’s increased influence are everywhere once you start looking..

I began my research into the pearl – now known as the Pearl of Plymouth – in 2001 and have been drawing links between the dormancy of the pearl and the ascent of Mergor since then. The longer the pearl is dormant the stronger Mergor becomes..

The first, and most obvious sign is rising sea levels, which show no sign of abating. The faster sea levels rise, the more of the planet Mergor can claim. Each time the ocean expands its dimensions, Mergor expands in size too…

There are also many examples of strange and unexplained incidents around the coast and at sea that can be linked to the ascent of Mergor:

* It went unreported but just last month there was chaos at Whitsand Bay when a sinkhole suddenly emerged on the beach..

* Just a couple of weeks back, Plymouth Marine Lab tweeted news of this mystery marine beast, the spawn of Mergor:

marine beast

The spawn of Mergor

* Remember the hundreds of sea birds that washed up dead along our coastlines this year?  The cause remained a mystery in the news..

* In 2010, there were warnings of swarms of venomous jellyfish that have been repeated again this summer:  Many put it down to rising sea temperatures, but there could be even more to it than that.. Especially with the increasing documentation on ‘immortal jellyfish’ taking over the ocean:

These are just some of the incidents I’ve documented, there are many more which I will link to here on the blog. The increased intensity of these strange maritime events in the past few years make it even more essential that the pearl is found…

The scroll from Atlantis and rise of Mergor

In yesterday’s blog I told you the story that’s been passed down through my ancestors of how Sir Francis Drake found the pearl. What I left out is that inside the sea chest, with the pearl and armillary sphere, was a seaworn scroll from Atlantis. That scroll has been in my family since Drake died in 1596 and I inherited it along with the Drake Armillary Sphere from my Grandma Betsy in 2001.

Atlantis sea scroll

Scroll from Atlantis found with the pearl

It’s written in Atlantean but was translated for me by Grandma Betsy. She told me it reads:


‘To the souls who find this pearl

Falls custody ancient power –

the balance twixt land and sea,

the battle twixt light and dark.

Beware forces unsettlin’ the axis,

protect her and ye’ll prosper.’


My research into the pearl and Atlantis corroborates that translation. And further findings reveal that the pearl was placed in the chest and thrown on the open sea the fateful night Atlantis sank beneath the waves. In further blogs I will explain more about the pearl’s role in Atlantis from evidence I found in the Hall of Records, but for now I want to draw attention to the key part of that text that tells of the pearl holding the balance between land and sea.

My research has revealed that the pearl is only capable of doing this when it’s active and spinning inside the armillary sphere. In 1941, when Nancy Astor separated the pearl from the sphere and hid it somewhere in Plymouth, the pearl was deactivated. Since then the balance between land and sea has been unsettled. It’s clear that the sea is now rising up to claim the land and Plymouth will be one of the first cities lost under water if the pearl isn’t found.

For several years, I’ve been documenting and charting disturbing occurrences linked to the dormancy of the pearl, including rising sea levels, sea birds washing up dead on the coast and sink holes suddenly appearing on beaches. These are all signs that Mergor, an ancient beast of the ocean feared by generations of seafarers, is rising out of the depths to claim the land. During the recent heatwave there’s been an increase in surfers, sailors, fishermen, divers, swimmers and others reporting strange experiences at sea. The intensity of incidences in 2013 signal that Mergor’s getting closer and closer. I’ll tell you more about these freak events in the next blog. Be careful when you’re out in the water… and let me know if you encounter anything odd.

The story of Sir Francis Drake’s Armillary Sphere

This time last week I donated an armillary sphere to the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery collection, which you can go and get a close look at in the Port and Place gallery where it’s gonna be until September.

Look, it’s a beauty..


But most people don’t know just how special it is…

When I was 18, I inherited it from my Grandma Betsy along with her last wishes that I find the pearl which belongs inside it. From the picture you can just make out wooden rings and a globe in the centre, but they’re placeholders for what was originally there when it was found by Sir Francis Drake (my great, great, great, and many more times great (!), uncle) on his voyage of circumnavigation (1577-80).

This is the story of finding the Pearl that has passed down through generations of my family…

It was 1578 and the height of winter in the south Atlantic ocean. Drake’s men were exhausted and sick from scurvy, the waves were tall and icy and relentlessly pounding the deck of the Golden Hind. The ship had been blown far off course on the west side of South America towards Antarctica. The crew was losing hope when the new direction revealed a possible open passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that had never been found before. Drake steered the ship towards the tip of the continent, landing on the southernmost island of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago.

Elizabeth Island, which earthquakes have since destroyed, was nearly square, running 30 miles per side and with a lake at its centre that was probably the crater of an extinct volcano. Drake dropped anchor for four nights and three days and explored as his crew hunted birds, seals and penguins for food stocks. It was on a beach on the westside of the island he found an old teak sea chest, part-buried by shingle and adorned by detailed hand carvings featuring the ring-shaped islands of Atlantis and Poseidon in a sea chariot fighting off a many-tentacled monster with his trident. He dug with his hands for more than an hour to free it and then dragged it aboard the Golden Hind to open and inspect.

That wasn’t as easy as it sounds. It took Drake almost the remainder of his trip to crack the code of the ship’s wheel lock. Many late nights he could be found in the Captain’s Cabin spinning the wheel by candlelight, trying different combinations of turns and noting down mathematical codes. When he eventually cracked the code and opened the lid the light illuminated his entire cabin. Inside the chest was a pearl the size of a crystal ball slowly spinning on an invisible axis in the inner chamber of the same armillary sphere I’ve just donated to the museum. They didn’t have lightbulbs back then and Drake was taken aback by the translucent and iridescent glow. He watched for hours, hypnotised by the motion.

Illustration from Drake's private diary of him finding the Pearl

Illustration from Drake’s private diary of him finding the Pearl – click to enlarge

It wasn’t until the final leg of his journey that he discovered the true power of the pearl. Having rounded the globe, the Golden Hind was back in the rough and tempestuous Atlantic Ocean, not far from the Canary Islands, when it was caught in a brutal storm, one Drake claimed was the work of more than just weather. Drake, like many seafarers, believed there was an immense, tentacled monster in the depths of the sea, capable of conjuring colossal storms and sinking not just ships but whole tracts of land too. During this particular storm, he claimed its tentacles reached up through the waves and grasped the ship, wrapping itself around the rigging and deck preparing to pull the galleon under.

Mergor and ship attack

In a last ditch effort to save his crew, he went on instinct and rushed below deck to bring the pearl to the bridge. When he fixed the armillary sphere beside the wheel and compass the pearl instantly began spinning, so fast it was a blur, before emitting a sudden blast of silver light that blanched the sky and sea and let out a crack like a thunder clap. Drake and the crew stood in awe as the wind and waves instantaneously settled, the clouds parted, and the tentacles froze and receded as if electrocuted, leaving the Golden Hind to drop back down into the waves and resume its safe passage towards Plymouth. From this moment on the pearl was revered for its ability to harness the energy of the ocean and bring luck and protection to all who sailed with her.

Throughout his life, Drake considered the pearl the greatest treasure he’d ever found on his voyages of discovery. He was a proud man and especially proud of serving his Queen. He was her favoured privateer and everything he did demonstrated his loyalty to her. She collected pearls so it was only natural that when he returned to dry land he would gift the new found pearl to her. He travelled to London to present it but its glow dimmed the further it was from the sea and the Queen, sensing it didn’t belong in the capital, asked Drake to guard it in Plymouth, the maritime hub of her kingdom. It was then he founded the Order of the Pearl, a secret society charged with the task of protecting it. For generations the pearl, which came to be known as The Pearl of Plymouth, was safeguarded by the Order and members used it as a talisman on voyages of discovery and adventure believing it brought them luck and protection at sea.

By the time of the Second World War, when Plymouth was being ravaged by the Blitz, the pearl had come to be considered so precious that Nancy Astor, fearing it would be destroyed by German bombs or stolen by the Nazis as one of Hitler’s holy relics, hid it in a secret location. As an extra precaution she separated the pearl from its armillary sphere knowing that they only worked together. The armillary sphere was given to our family, as descendants of Drake, and we were asked to hide it. The pearl was hidden somewhere else. For safety, we were never told where. The Order covered its tracks so diligently that those who sought to steal it were thwarted. After the war, the people of Plymouth were so focused on rebuilding the city that the pearl was forgotten. For more than half a century, the pearl has lain lost and dormant somewhere in the city, many still believing it was destroyed in The Blitz.

My research has left me in no doubt that the pearl is still hidden in Plymouth and must be found, not only because it is a magnificent treasure with great historical significance but because of its other more secret power. I promise to tell you more about that power and its consequences in my next blog…