Giant sinkholes swallowing land and unidentified sea monsters

Tracts of land and trees have been swallowed by a gigantic and spreading sinkhole in the US and an unidentifiable horned sea monster has washed up on the beach in Spain. And these two things happened in just the past week.

The frequency of strange marine incidents is increasing and it’s becoming more obvious to everyone that the balance between land and sea needs to be restored. My fear is Plymouth will be swallowed by the sea if we can’t find the pearl.

Check out the crazy and scary footage captured of the sinkhole in Louisana swallowing trees and land in under a minute.

And these are the images coming through from Spain of the horned sea devil/monster/dragon. No one can seem to agree on what to call it and a spokesperson from the Marine Biological Association said: “No one knows of anything with horns in the sea.”

It’s being covered globally, check out this article from Gawker and this from the Independent for more info.

sea monster

Surfer attacked in the water

Stuff out there is starting to get more scary. Check out this footage taken by a surfer after something attacked him in the water on Sunday.

Angus is a friend of a friend from Plymouth who got in touch to ask if I’ve heard about anything similar. I’ve read reports of it happening to fishermen and kayakers before but never been able to speak direct to anyone who’s had an experience, they seem to disappear or be impossible to trace…

Drake pictured with the pearl and armillary sphere

This is a section of a painting at Buckland Abbey (Drake’s former home) depicting Drake with the pearl as he found it inside the armillary sphere.

drake and the pearl

Section of a painting at Buckland Abbey depicting the pearl and armillary sphere

This was painted long after his death, and my research has found that the pearl is actually slightly larger than this, but it’s a good image to analyse, especially because of the sea monster eyeing the pearl suspiciously. It obviously knows its powers!

drake and the pearl